Client Reviews

Our clients have some things to say about how we do what we do: “exceptional quality”, “superlative”, “reliable and professional”, and “flawless transcripts” are a few…

Anjuma Goswami, Esquire

“Misty Klapper & Associates was the first court reporting agency that I used as an associate. Misty as well as the rest of her team is dedicated to affording their clients effective, efficient and valuable court reporting services.”

Greg Dumont, Esquire

“I've used Misty Klapper and her colleagues, as my court reporter for many years for all my cases throughout the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area. Misty and her crew are my "go-to team." I've never been disappointed. Turnaround is excellent and the transcripts are correct. Many times, my opponents retain her services as well.”

Henry Morris, Esquire

“So far as I'm concerned, in the world of D.C.-area court reporters, there's Misty Klapper & Associates, and there's everyone else.”

Keith Parsons, Esquire

"Both I and my firm, Cunningham & Associates, PLC, have used Misty Klapper and her associates for deposition and court reporting services on multiple occasions. She and all her associates are superlative service providers, and a competent to fulfill all the needs of a dynamic civil litigation practice.”

Padraic Keane, Esquire

“Top of her field. I am required to use several different court reporting companies due to contractual obligations with certain institutional clients, which gives me a perspective on Ms. Klapper's relative value. Consistently superior work product.”

Rocco P. Porreco, Esquire

"I have been using Misty's Court Reporting services for more than 20 years including hundreds of depositions and court appearances.  Without exception, Misty's reporters are reliable and professional, but it is the exceptional quality of the end product that puts her above the rest.  She has been there in emergency situations, provided reporters on short notice and at remote locations and has expedited transcripts flawlessly.  Most importantly, I know Misty has the highest integrity and that when I use her services I can rest assured that the job will get done right, on time and at a fair price."

David M. Kopstein, Esquire

"I tried an auto case in Fairfax yesterday where each side played the video deposition of their doctor.  Dr. Hope was my witness and you covered his deposition.  Dr. (Matthew) Ammerman was the defense witness and his deposition was covered by another court reporting firm.  As the videos were played for the jury, we lawyers were able to follow along with the transcripts.  In so doing, I noted several very significant errors in the Ammerman transcript and none (or at least none of any significance) in the Hope transcript.  Fortunately, the jury got to watch and hear the videos rather than having the transcripts (one of which was inaccurate) read to them.  I won the case, but I can assure you that I will NEVER give the other firm any of my business.  That's why I use you."

Dwight D. Murray, Esquire

"When I was in trial and had scheduling problems with my expert, the court advised me late in the day that if I wanted to get my expert's testimony in by videotape, I had to produce a transcript by 9:30 the next morning. The expert's deposition was taken the next morning at 7:00 a.m. and by 9:30 Misty Klapper appeared in court with the transcript. The judge was so impressed with Misty's professionalism that the court made an offer to hire Misty."