Realtime Reporting

Misty Klapper & Associates offers our clients the convenience of realtime reporting services, saving you both time and money.

Realtime reporting is also sometimes referred to as “real-time” reporting. But, whatever you call it, if you’re a busy office, you’ll appreciate being able to receive and review hearing or deposition proceedings, without having to travel to attend that deposition or hearing. And because realtime reporting is internet-based, our realtime reporting services are available to you even from the comfort of your own home.

Misty Klapper & Associates uses contemporary video streaming services to make sure you don’t miss a single important moment of the proceedings.  We schedule our court reporters to arrive at least an hour before the deposition begins to ensure all the technical aspects of realtime reporting are handled prior to counsel arriving.

Our qualified and certified court reporters have extensive experience with LiveDeposition, Courtroom Connect and Livenote streaming, so you can be assured of a quick, competent, and accurate feed, no matter what court reporting platform you prefer.

Upon receiving any court reporting assignment, Misty Klapper & Associates will request that you provide us with as much information as possible to prepare for the assignment.  This allows us to ensure that the court reporter assigned to your case is familiar with the terminology – thus reducing the possibility of mistakes during the realtime feed. For example, in patent cases, our court reporters research the patent prior to the start of the deposition to become familiar with the specific terminology relevant to that specific case.

Our realtime court reporting services also offer you the convenience of receiving instant transcripts on any device convenient to you. We can even supply you with a tablet already set up to receive your transcripts. (And if you want to receive your feed from the comfort of your home while you relax with a cup of joe… we won’t tell on you!)

During your realtime deposition, our qualified court reporters will provide you with an accurate, instantaneous feed of the record being produced. You’ll be able to review the testimony and immediately determine if the questioning has accomplished your goals and adjust your tactics accordingly. After the deposition is completed, we offer you the option of obtaining an immediate rough draft of the transcript.

With Misty Klapper & Associates realtime reporting services, your office will be able to resolve matters faster during depositions and trial. Contact us to schedule a realtime court reporting session today.