Video Services

It’s not always possible to have witnesses appear in person. For those occasions when you need testimony for trial or case preparation, you’ll want to access our video court reporting services.

Our court videographers are experts in site preparation, camera setup, and lighting. They will arrive on-site at least an hour before shooting begins to make sure all technical requirements are in place and to have the equipment ready for when counsel arrives.

We offer multi-camera capability for showing documents, computer programs, the deponent, and counsel simultaneously, as your needs dictate.  During recording, our court videographers will constantly monitor audio and visual input to make sure the audio is clear and that witnesses are clearly and completely viewed. Our videographers will also coordinate with the court reporter to ensure the time stamping on both the video screen and transcript match.

In addition to their technical expertise, our court videographers are familiar with and follow local and federal rules governing video depositions, so you won’t have the unpleasant surprise of having video evidence you can’t use.

Post-deposition or trial, we offer you an option to combine the video and transcript into a compatible file accepted by most trial software programs.  As a stand-alone file you can go to anywhere in the transcript and have the video play from that point onward.  We can also shoot, edit, and compress video for use on the web.

Video recording services for deposition or trial is an excellent and flexible way to deliver case material in trial or to create and visualize the record. We look forward to working with you on your next case!