At trial, the difference between winning and losing could be choosing the right court reporter.

Nobody likes to lose in court. So when you need to refer to the record of what was said, you need a transcript that is accurate in every word. A qualified court reporter has the expertise and skills to be able to produce accurate transcripts, regardless of accents or how fast the speaker speaks. Experienced court reporters are also familiar with the nuances of a trial, making them sensitive to fine details that might be missed by an ordinary transcriptionist.

At Misty Klapper & Associates, we assign our reporters based on their expertise and/or experience level with the subject matter of your trial. This ensures you receive the right court reporter for your job, whether your trial is proceeding in Virginia, Maryland, or Washington, D.C.

Our court reporters are always scheduled to arrive at the site well in advance of proceedings. As soon as your reporter arrives, he or she will attempt to notify you of their arrival. Even if you are in another courtroom, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your court reporting needs are being handled by a professional.

Misty Klapper & Associates utilizes several backup methods to ensure that the unthinkable – a lost transcript – never happens. In the event that the record needs to be produced for reference in post-trial briefs or an appeal, we ensure you’ll never be caught unprepared.